Hummingbird Feeders

Aspects' Hummingbird feeders are constructed of the best materials available. They are easy to use and easy to clean. The bright colored feeder covers attract the birds to the feeder .....

HummZinger® HighView

The HummZinger® HighView® feeders include a HighView perch that invites hummingbirds to rest comfortably as they drink from the feeding ports while also offering an unobstructed view of the birds.

These feeders are the ideal size for placing a multitude of feeders so our territorial hummingbird friends can each pick their own Blossom to feed from. Available in two attractive colors, Rose and Plum.
HummZinger® Classic

With their durable construction and ease of use the HummZinger Classic feeders have long been customer favorites.

HummZinger® Fancy

The HummZinger Fancy feeders combine style and function to make a wonderful addition to any backyard.