Quick-Clean Peanut Mesh

Aspects’ Quick-Clean Peanut Mesh is a “selective feeder” - acrobatic birds such as woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and finches can cling to the perchless stainless steel wire mesh tube. When filled with shelled peanuts, mixed
nuts, or sunflower kernels, the Aspects Peanut Mesh is irresistible to the most entertaining group of birds. Available in two attractive finishes Berry and Spruce. Customers will appreciate the convenience of easily removing the Quick-Clean
Quick-Clean base
base without the need of tools even with a seed tray attached.  A built-in seed deflector in the base allows birds to remove every last peanut. The metal cap lifts and pivots easily for filling and cleaning. Add a seed tray to attract more birds, and protect the feeder from the elements with an Aspects’ Dome.  Backed with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Quick-Clean Seed Tube Feeder Accessories

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Pine Siskins